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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#ThanksObama Iran-financed Hamas produces 'music video' about yearning to roast Jewish flesh

Yes, it's come to this.

Here's a highly professional Hamas 'music video,' undoubtedly paid for with Iranian funds released from international sanctions thanks to the Obama administration, that expresses the terror group's yearning to roast Jewish flesh.

Hamas prays: 'Oh Martyrdom-seeker, make them cry. Make the fire engulf them. Turn them into body parts, roast them, bringing joy to the hearts of the steadfast people.'

Let's go to the videotape.

#ThanksObama for financing this music video we just could not have done without.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Rubio promises 'reset' of US-Israel relations

Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has promised a 'reset' of US-Israel relations if he is elected President of the United States.
"I believe my election or the election of someone like me, in and by itself will help reset that relationship in the eyes of the world,” Rubio said, the Jewish Insider's Jacob Kornbluh reported.
According to the Florida senator, the Obama administration deliberately created distance between the U.S. and Israel in an effort to improve the U.S. standing and its perception in the Muslim world.
"It's been a disaster," he added. 
The Republican candidate said the Obama administration damaged the relationship with Israel by briefly suspending military sales during the last Gaza war, and by making an implied threat that the U.S. won't use its veto power in the UN Security Council against a possible resolution recognizing a Palestinian state. 
Rubio also slammed Obama for treating Iran's supreme leader with "more respect" than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, due to Israel's opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. 
Sounds right to me.

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Marco Rubio (and Ted Cruz) got Barack Obama right, so why won't anyone else say so?

I have now watched the video of Chris Christie 'destroying' Marco Rubio on Saturday night, and I have to tell you that the people commenting on it have missed the boat. If you haven't seen it yet, the video is embedded here.

Andrew McCarthy points out that Rubio has got Obama pegged: Barack Obama has spent seven years destroying the United States of America and its alliances.
Yet Rubio also had an important point: Christie’s premise is dead wrong. Obama has not steered the Titanic into an iceberg because he is an unprepared, untested amateur. He has done it quite deliberately, at times masterfully, because Obama believes in the policies that constitute the iceberg. He is a movement leftist with a transformational agenda and an Alinskyite’s understanding of the extortionate uses of power. Authoritarian rule, government-controlled health care, open borders, runaway spending, Islamist sympathies, crony-capitalist green energy – these are not initiatives Obama stumbled into because he was unprepared. Obama has studiously taken the country where he wants it to go. And he has rolled over the old experienced hands to do it – so much for amateur hour. 
Obama is not the bumpkin of Christie’s portrayal. But Christie is not so much wrong in this regard as calculated. Progressive-lite types like Christie want Obama’s failed presidency to be seen as the consequence of lack of experience rather than as policy-driven because they often cooperate with Obama Democrats and sympathize with a number of their policy preferences.
Christie couldn’t get enough of Obama after “Super Storm Sandy” – regardless of how much it undermined Mitt Romney. At best, Christie has been ambivalent in his opposition to Obamacare – carefully navigating between his instinctive support of it and the intense opposition of more conservative voters whom he knew he’d be courting in the 2016 GOP primaries. And while Christie is trying to appeal to conservatives as the adult in the room willing to speak hard truths about entitlements and debt spending, his record as governor is: Talk a good game but do essentially nothing about our basket-case state’s structural problems. That is a big part of why, as Rubio pointed out, Christie’s tenure has featured multiple credit downgrades. 
The Christies of the Republican party insist that the country is in disastrous shape because Obama was not up to the job. In truth, Obama used Democratic congressional control when he had it to push through Obamacare and Dodd-Frank; ever since, having taken the measure of feckless GOP opposition, he has skillfully (albeit illegally) exploited executive power to pursue progressive objectives. Obama has been plenty up to the job as he intended the job to be done.
This reality is not helpful to a Christie, who wants to be seen as a pragmatic problem-solver willing to “cross the aisle.” The logic of Christie’s championing of bipartisan cooperation “to get things done” has necessarily meant working in furtherance of Obama’s agenda (and, in New Jersey, working closely with Democrats – which is how you get multiple credit downgrades). No one courting the Republican base can afford to be seen as complicit in Obama’s program. So, for Christie, if Obama is to be portrayed as a failure, it’s got to be because Obama wasn’t prepared to be president, not because of policies Republicans have supported.
Rush Limbaugh wonders why only Rubio and Ted Cruz are willing to acknowledge that Obama's behavior has been a deliberate attempt to destroy the United States. 
And I think... This is what I was talking about earlier when I say, "I think some of these professional media analysts..." God bless them and they do hard work, and many of them, they're just fine people. But I don't know that they have the ability to see these debates the way people watching the debates on TV see them. Meaning: I don't know how big a faux pas this was for Rubio.  Clearly it was not a positive; clearly it was not his best. But I don't think it ruined his chances and wiped him out like some in the media opined.
Let's get to the audio sound bites.  I want to start with this.  It's the fastest way to get into this.  Because this is important, folks.  This is really, really important.  There are only two people that I'm aware of that are making a consistent point of this. Rubio, actually, is atop of this.  Rubio and Cruz are the only two in the entire Republican field. Carly Fiorina may have said something like this occasionally.  With Rubio, it's a theme.  With Cruz, it's close to a theme.  And the real question is: Why do the other Republicans in the field disagree?  
Why do they not say it themselves, that Obama is doing what he's doing on purpose and by design?  That is a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed plan to transform America into something it was not founded to be.  This is something crucially important to Republican voters.  To people inside the Beltway, it's kind of a chuckle.  "There they go again, those right wingers!"  To people inside the Beltway, to the elites, to the establishment, Obama's just the latest Democrat to come along. 
He's no different than any other Democrat. "It's just the Democrat Party, and they have a president."  They don't see the country in crisis in any way.  Not because of the economy, not because of immigration, not because of foreign policy.  In no way are we in a crisis.  And, as such, they don't see what Obama's doing as anything except maybe a young, inexperienced -- this is Christie's point -- incompetent boob.  Well, that's not who Obama is.  Rubio's opponents are using it to disqualify him.  "See! Obama doesn't know what he's doing, and Rubio's the same kind of guy, just a few short years in the Senate running for president. We can't afford it. "Meanwhile, the governors! We're the guys. We're the tough guys. We've had to make tough decisions," blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  The governors will not admit who Obama is.  The governors will not admit it, and Trump does not agree that Obama is purposely doing this.  Trump thinks he's a blithering incompetent.  This is crucially important.
He's one of two people saying it.  Now, folks, you go out and talk to actual Republican primary voters.  You go out, outside of Washington, outside New York, go out to where these primaries and caucuses are being held, and you will find that this is exactly what has propelled Republicans to the polls in droves in 2010 and 2014.  It's not the belief, it's not the theory, it is the knowledge that Obama's doing this on purpose, and there isn't and hasn't been any push-back.  And Republican voters are livid.  Obama has said he's doing it on purpose.  He has said his purpose is to transform the nation.  Everybody knows that Obama is an Alinskyite. 

The real question is -- and I was talking about this over the weekend with my good buddy, Andrew McCarthy.  The real question is, why are these other guys not saying it?  Why does Chris Christie make fun of it?  Why does Donald Trump pooh-pooh it?  Well, Trump I have to leave out of this, out of this theory.  But Trump also, just for the record, said he thinks Obama's an incompetent boob, doesn't know what he's doing.  Christie's point is Obama's incompetent, he doesn't know what he's doing because he's inexperienced just like Rubio doesn't know what he's doing 'cause he's experienced. It's Barack Obama 2 in that Rubio would be inexperienced senator, elected president, we don't want to do that again. 
Rubio's point, no, no, no, no, no.  Obama's not incompetent.  He's not inexperienced.  He's doing exactly what he wants to do.  And none of these Republican moderates will go there.  You want to know why?  You want to know why?  You want to know why they cannot agree that Obama's doing this on purpose?  Very simple.  They cannot agree that Obama's doing it on purpose.  They do not dare say that Obama's doing it on purpose because they have all worked with Barack Obama, in one way or another, every one of these governors, many of them, and even a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate have worked with Obama to advance certain elements of the agenda. 
I think the real important question here to ask and answer is why won't anybody but Rubio and Cruz say it?  Because that's essentially, if you had to encapsulate what the Republican primary is, it's about that.  Like they keep harping on, Christie -- or it might have been Trump, I don't know who it was -- jumped on Rubio, maybe it was a moderator in the post-debate analysis.  Why does he keep campaigning against Obama?  Obama's not on the ballot. Obama's seven years old. Obama's in his last year. Why does he keep running against Obama? 
Because Hillary and Bernie Sanders want to continue what Obama has started, and it is the transformation of America.  The Republican base is fully aware of it.  The Republican primary voters have been begging the Republican Party to stop this since 2010, since 2009 when Obama took office.  
See, the post-debate analysts who are either on sight or in studios, television studio, I really -- this is not a criticism of them.  I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea.  I think when you start making fun of Rubio for repeating that Obama's doing it on purpose, you don't understand how important that is to the Republican base, which is what this primary is all about.  It's fundamental.  And by the same token, defining conservatism, being able to, is fundamental.  It's what this is all about.  And if you can't do it, if your definition of conservatism is ignorant or wrong, I guarantee you you're gonna pay for it when it comes time to vote.
I think Rush got it right. The only candidates for whom the American citizens in Israel will come out to vote are Rubio and Cruz. We all get that they are the only two candidates that will try to undo what Obama has wrought. And one of the things Obama has wrought is trying to set Israel on a path toward destruction (God Forbid).
Here's hoping that New Hampshire voters don't listen to the media tomorrow. 

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Monday, February 08, 2016

Obama's got Israel's back - again

Remember President Hussein Obama promising Israel additional military aid to ensure that we can cope with a nuclear Iran? In Haaretz on Sunday, Barak Ravid reported that Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that if the Obama administration doesn't properly help Israel, he'll wait for the next administration.
"It's not yet clear that we will come to an agreement," Netanyahu told the cabinet members in the course of a diplomatic-security briefing by acting national security adviser Jacob Nagel, who also heads the Israeli team negotiating memorandum with the Americans. "[We] need to see if [we] can achieve a result that will address Israel's security needs or perhaps we will not manage to come to an agreement with this administration and will need to come to an agreement with the next administration."

Last Thursday, an American delegation led by Yael Lempert, the Special Assistant to the president and Senior Director for the Levant, Israel and Egypt at the National Security Council in the White House, who arrived in Israel to hold a third round of negotiations on the matter. Over the past three days, the American team held discussions with a team of counterparts from the national security staff in the Prime Minister's Office and from the Defense Ministry, the Israel Defense Forces and the Foreign Ministry. The main topic of discussion in the talks was the size of the aid that the United States would provide Israel and the conditions on its use.

Netanyahu's remarks at the cabinet meeting raise the possibility that the round of talks in Jerusalem will not achieve substantial progress. Just two weeks ago, in the course of his visit to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the prime minister met with American Vice President Joe Biden, and where the two discussed the matter, the prime minister sounded much more optimistic.  In an interview on stage with American journalist Fareed Zakaria, Netanyahu noted that he believed Israel and the United States would manage to wrap up negotiations in a positive manner on a new security memorandum of understanding in the coming months that would outline the size of American assistance to the IDF for the coming decade. 

The current security memorandum of understanding signed ten years ago between the two countries is due to expire at the end of 2018. As a result of the understanding, the United States has provided $30 billion over a decade in security assistance to Israel. In the course of meetings between Netanyahu and Obama at the White House in November, the two announced the opening of new negotiations on the memorandum for the coming decade.

At the beginning of the negotiations a few months ago, senior figures in the defense establishment expressed the position that Israel is in need of a $5 billion annual increase to the amount of American assistance. Netanyahu himself has told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset that he is interested in coming to agreement with Obama on the sum of "$4 billion plus."

In the course of his last visit to the United States and in interviews with the American media since then, Netanyahu has stressed that Israel needs a substantial increase in American security assistance in light of the nuclear agreement that Iran reached with the major world powers. Iran will be receiving $100 billion as a result of the lifting of sanctions and can use these funds to acquire quantities of weapons and provide advanced weaponry to Israel's enemies – Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Netanyahu noted.

At the same time, Netanyahu has made it clear in recent months both in public and in private conversations with the Americans that the Sunni Arab countries are acquiring large quantities of advanced weaponry from the United States and France to protect themselves from Iran, but the weapons could in the future be turned against Israel. In such a reality, he has argued, an increase in American assistance is necessary to maintain the IDF's qualitative advantage in the region.

Senior officials in the defense establishment are expressing serious concern over the prospect that it will not be possible to reach an agreement with the Obama administration on the size of security assistance, resulting in a deferral of the subject until a new president takes office in January 2017. Under such circumstances, there would be less than a year remaining to come to a new security agreement before the current one expires. That would present a very complicated situation since any new president would need half a year at least to study the subject.
DEBKA, which I don't like to sole source, but will because of the Haaretz background, reports on some of the specifics of what's missing.
US President Barack Obama has retracted on his pledge of an extra defense package to compensate Israel for the damage caused its security by the nuclear deal concluded with Iran last year. This flat refusal, reported here by debkafile’s Washington sources, confronted Israeli officials when they met last week with heads of the National Security Council at the White House. 

Asked to define its new requirements, Israel asked the administration for an additional $1.9 billion, which would have upped the total to $5 billion per annum for the next five years. The officials explained that Israel’s defense bill had been inflated substantially by the new perils looming from the current Middle East wars, and the windfall Iran had gained from the lifting of sanctions for its advanced ballistic missiles programs and for enhancing its allies' aggressive capacity, especially that of Hizballah.
Israel is now beset additionally by adverse Russian military operations in southern Syria and looming ISIS threats on multiple fronts, at a time that the Arab states are stuffing their armories with advanced weapons from Russia and China.
The US officials explained that, because of cutbacks in US defense spending, it would not be possible to add a single dollar to Israel’s regular $3.1 billion appropriation. After notifying Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon of this refusal, the Israeli delegation was advised to reduce its application to $900 million. This too was refused.
The standing $3.1 billion annual US assistance program for Israel expires at the end of 2016. The negotiations taking place currently were to have covered its extension for ten years. That too is in doubt.
The Obama administration reacted angrily to Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement, and said that Israel will not get a better deal from the next President. Of course, that depends who the next President is.


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Oh my... Somali bomber was meant to be on Turkish Air flight

A Somali suicide bomber who was sucked out a hole in a Daallo Airlines flight from Mogadishu to Dijbouti last Tuesday was actually meant to be on a Turkish Air flight to Turkey along with 73 other passengers.
The 74 passengers aboard the flight were originally checked in with Turkish Airlines, which flies to Somalia three times per week, Mohamed Ibrahim Yasin Olad, Daallo Airlines chief told Al Jazeera on Sunday.
"They were not our passengers. Turkish Airlines cancelled its flight from Mogadishu that morning because their incoming flight from Djibouti could not come to Mogadishu because of what they said was strong wind," Olad said.
"They requested we carry the passengers on their behalf to Djibouti where they would continue their journey on a Turkish Airlines flight," Olad added.
And the Turks? They're trying to disown the whole story.
"Turkish Airlines have not been in contact with us since the incident happened. You can say they are trying to distance themselves from the incident." Olad said.
Turkish Airlines suspended its flights to Somalia on Tuesday.
Al Jazeera contacted Turkish Airlines for comment but so far did not get a response.

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Religious expression or feminist trolling

Good morning (or afternoon). I'm back in Israel.

The picture above was on the front page of this morning's Jerusalem Post print edition (Hat Tip: Leah P).

What does each of the five women in the picture have in common aside from the fact that they all belong to Women of the Wall?

The caption says that they are 'teaching' women to put on Tefillin. There's one small problem: Not a single one of them has the Tefillin on correctly.

While I can't really see where the arm Tefillin are, the head Tefillin are supposed to go "in the place where an infant's head beats" according to the Talmud. That means that they should be in the center of the head with the front line of the Tefillin ending at the hairline.

Now look at the picture again.

From Left to Right, women 1, 2 and 5 all have their Tefillin on their foreheads (which was how the Karaite sect wore them). Women 3 and 4 have them off to one side. Yes, of course, it's the Left side.


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Thursday, February 04, 2016

China and Japan leading Asian charge toward Israeli high tech

Greetings from a British Airways lounge at London - Heathrow. I'm on my way home.

Israel's high tech has gotten so good and the communist economies have so completely collapsed (will Bernie lead the US in the same direction) that Israel is now the dominant tech power in Asia. Here's a report from Legal Insurrection on just how well-entrenched Israeli high tech has become in China, Japan and other Asian tech powerhouses.
Countries like India, China and Japan; which in past have been hesitant of openly engaging with Israel — to avoid offend oil-supplying Arab countries — are changing their long-held adverse stance and strengthening commercial and diplomatic ties with the Jewish State. Leading technology news website TechCrunch reports:
China and Japan are forging deeper ties with Israel’s burgeoning tech industry. While China has been active in the Israeli market for some time, Japan, too, has launched a series of efforts to court the Israeli tech scene.

The signs of warming ties between Israel and Japan can perhaps be traced to 2014 when Rakuten, the largest e-commerce platform in Japan acquired Israel-based messaging app provider Viber Media for $900 million.
On January 26, Sony announced its intention to acquire Israel-based Altair Semiconductor for $212 million and during the same week, Honda — eyeing Israel’s vehicle intelligence technologies, apps and software — flew in a group of executives and engineers from Japan and North America to attend the equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd’s annual summit in Jerusalem. (…)
Japan’s presence was also notable at Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv where the country was looking to forge closer ties with Israeli cybersecurity companies and technology ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
In early 1990s, the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the dismantling of the biggest pressure group shaping government policy and intellectual attitudes across Asia and Africa hostile towards Israel. Today, Israel’s advancements in technology are swaying previously adversarial countries to a greater partnership. Israel’s technological edge in field of agriculture, water treatment, renewable energies, IT, telecommunications and healthcare is of great interest to the developing nations of Asia and Africa.
Israel’s annual trade with China has crossed over $10 billion, and trade with India is pegged at just below $5 billion each year. These numbers are significant, considering Israel’s bilateral trade with China and India during early 1990s was just around $50 million and $200 million respectively. With focusing on technology-driven sectors and by negotiating bilateral trade agreements, Israel hopes to double its annual trade with both Asian giants, home to more than one-third of the world population.
While thugs of the anti-Israel boycott campaign might be busy strong-arming some lone investment banker in Scandinavia to divest his grandmother’s pension fund, Israel is forging trade and technology ties with the emerging economies of Asia.

If you scroll down to the video at the end, you will see Jon Medved, the founder of OurCrowd, an Israeli early-stage technology funding portal that recently opened up to non-Israeli companies. On Monday of last week, I attended OurCrowd's annual investor summit (in my professional capacity and not as a blogger), along with over 2,000 other people. It's amazing how much is going on in Israeli technology.

If you're interested in investing in Israeli high tech, I can help you. Please send an email to IsraelMatzav@gmail.com.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

It's official: Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) endorses Marco Rubio

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the first black Republican Senator in the deep South since reconstruction, has endorsed Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) for the Republican nomination for President. This came to me by email today.


Our nation’s future is on the line this election. We must nominate a strong conservative leader who will fight at all costs for our country and put our citizen’s needs before their own.  

And Israel, we need the person that can defeat Hillary Clinton next fall to be our nominee.

That’s why today, three weeks before the all-important primary in South Carolina, I’m standing up for and endorsing Marco Rubio.

Israel, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying over this decision. This is an important election, and I did not take this decision lightly.

There are a number of good candidates on our side, but I am voting for Marco Rubio as our next president because he will not only restore our great nation -- he will take us into a New American Century.

I’m proud to stand with Marco as part of the next generation of conservatives. Marco has a proven conservative record of standing up to the Washington establishment and pursuing conservative solutions for the 21st Century. And that’s exactly the type of leader we need in the White House next year.

Marco needs our help to win. His campaign is fueled by supporters like you. He needs voters like yourself to chip in and stand with him right now.

With three weeks until the South Carolina Primary, Marco has the momentum to win big, but he cannot do it without your support. Israel, will you join me in supporting Marco Rubio by chipping in $15 right now?

Let’s support our next president of the United States: Marco Rubio.

Tim Scott
Republican Senator from South Carolina

P.S. We need someone we can count on to always do what’s right even if it isn’t easy or popular. We need a leader for the 21st Century, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Marco right now, Israel!
In my not so humble opinion, Marco Rubio is one of the two best candidates for Israel in this election (Ted Cruz is the other).


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