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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Personal update

I was involved in a car accident this morning. Thank God, I walked away unscathed, but my car was totaled. I have way too much work and lost way too many hours today to be posting. Will be back online as soon as possible.

Other driver an 'east' Jerusalem Arab who was going way too fast, but definitely not a terror attack.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The tweet is from the inimitable Matt Lee quoting the State Department spokesperson.

What am I missing here? Isn't assuming that the outcome of the negotiations will be a 'Palestinian state' - whether on the 1949 armistice lines or on the 1949 armistice lines with 'mutually agreed adjustments' - prejudging them?

Can anyone help me out here?


And yet....
You don't think they're threatening Israel do you?

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Abu Bluff is on Twitter

And I'm sure you all want to follow him. (Not me - have to figure out whom I'm going to dump first).

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'Unacceptable and ugly'

The title of this post doesn't just describe Tzipi Livni. It describes some comments she made on a satirical television show on Saturday night.
Writing on Facebook, [former Shin Bet chief and Netanyahu critic Yuval] Diskin said that Livni’s remarks were “unacceptable and ugly”.
“I normally have a great appreciation for Livni’s attitudes and values, but in this case I'm coming out against her in the most aggressive manner,” he said.
“It is permissible and even desirable to criticize,” stressed Diskin. “This is in part the essence of democracy. Personally, I too have criticism over the conduct of the Prime Minister and his leadership style and his lack of personal example. But there is a fine line in my opinion, that once people cross it, they become what Netanyahu and his friends were when they ignored the incitement of their supporters against Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.”
“I call on Tzipi Livni, as well as on many of my friends, to immediately apologize for her remarks,” said Diskin.
Livni, who appeared on the “Matzav HaUma” (State of the Union) satirical program on Channel 2 on Saturday night, took satire to a different level and was perceived to have gone beyond the realms of political correctness.
"Two potential Prime Ministers are better than an impotent Prime Minister,” Livni said of her unity pact with Labor leader MK Yitzhak Herzog.
"Yitzhak and I decided to take out the garbage together," Livni said, hinting at Netanyahu. She later said, “The truth is that Bibi said that we’re going to elections because of the 0% VAT. I thought there is a zero in this story, but it’s not the VAT.”
The comments were criticized by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud), who said, "Since we cut off ties with [Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas she has simply become unbalanced. She's addicted to talks with the Palestinians and can't quit."
Coalition chairman MK Ze’ev Elkin denounced the derogatory comments as well, telling Arutz Sheva that Livni had “completely lost it” in her appearance on the show.
“What we saw last night is beyond who we saw during the previous Knesset term. Even in terms of style and expression level it seems that she completely lost it,” said Elkin, who added, “I want to see all the reporters who attacked me for calling [Livni and Herzog] ‘the beauty and the geek who will not pass the threshold’ speaking out against Livni now. I used parliamentary expressions but she stooped to a new low. But I guess the left is allowed to lash out using such crude expressions. This is probably part of the rules of the game.”
I wonder which one Elkin was calling the beauty and which the geek.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Was this why Lindt was targeted?

I am sure that most of you have already heard about the terror attack on a Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

Could this be why Lindt was targeted?

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Reuven Yerachmiel ben Avraham Yaakov

It's been a very emotional day, and this is the first time I have been online at all.

Some of you might have kept track and realized that today is the 8th day since my grandson was born, and therefore surmised that his Brith Mila (circumcision) took place today. Jewish baby boys are named at their circumcision.

The picture at the top is my Dad z"l with me when I was about 10 months old (kind of funny because it was Mom a"h who played the piano and not Dad).

The picture at the bottom is my newest grandson, who is now named Reuven Yerachmiel after my Dad.

While I was prepared for that, the thing for which I was unprepared was that my son called me to give the name at the Brith....

And my son is named after my father's father, which means that my grandson will God willing be called to the Torah in 13 years less one week in the exact same way that my father was.

May all of you have the nachath (good feeling and overwhelmingly so) that I got from my children today.



Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hamas working hard, investing tremendous resources to rebuild Gaza

Why bother to rebuild when you can buy rockets instead?

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And you thought the 'Palestinian Authority' was corrupt....

So is Hamas.

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Netanyahu, Arabs to present their cases to Kerry

Prime Minister Netanyahu heads for Rome on Monday to meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry to warn him that Israel will ignore any call from the United Nations Security Council to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines by 2016. On Tuesday, Kerry will meet in London with delegations from the 'Palestinians' and from the Arab League who will urge Kerry (and the United States) not to veto a Security Council resolution that would call on Israel to do just that. This is from the first link.

Netanyahu, who is in the middle of campaigning for a March election, will also meet Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi along with Kerry.

"I will tell both of them that Israel stands, to a great extent, as a solitary island against the waves of Islamic extremism washing over the entire Middle East," Netanyahu said on Sunday in public remarks to his cabinet.

He said Israel now faced a possible diplomatic offensive "to force upon us" such a withdrawal within two years.

"This will bring the radical Islamic elements to the suburbs of Tel Aviv and to the heart of Jerusalem. We will not allow this. We will rebuff this forcefully and responsibly. Let there be no doubt, this will be rejected."

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, speaking on Army Radio, said it appeared the United States "is not eager to use its veto" on the Palestinian statehood issue but was seeking "maximum coordination" with Netanyahu.
Haaretz's Barak Ravid adds:
Kerry initiated the meeting with the Palestinians in London - as well as the meeting with Netanyahu in Rome - as part of his attempts to try to understand how flexible the two sides are, and whether there is a possibility of reaching a compromise. Kerry spoke by telephone with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday and asked him to send Faraj and Erekat to meet with him in London; his invitation to Netanyahu was extended earlier in the week.
The meetings Kerry will be holding over the next few days with Netanyahu, the Palestinians, the Arab foreign ministers and his European counterparts are part of the American attempt to prevent a diplomatic confrontation in the Security Council over the Palestinian issue, or to at least postpone the confrontation for as long as possible.
"There are a lot of different folks pushing in different directions out there, and the question is can we all pull in the same direction," Kerry told reporters during a visit to Colombia. "That’s what we’re looking at."
"We're trying to figure out a way to help defuse the tensions and reduce the potential for more conflict and we’re exploring various possibilities to that end," Kerry told reporters in Bogota when asked whether there is a resolution the U.S. could support.
It is still unclear whether Kerry plans to present Israel and the Palestinians with a new proposal or a compromise. In any case, it will be very hard for him to achieve such a compromise. The Palestinians are determined to push their resolution forward in the Security Council, while Israel, which is now in the midst of an election campaign, has rejected any such move in the Security Council out of hand.
Will Mr. Moral Equivalence strike again? What could go wrong?

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FBI: Iran targeting US energy and defense firms

The FBI is warning that Iranian hackers may attack US energy and defense firms in the near future.

The FBI's confidential "Flash" report, seen by Reuters on Friday, provides technical details about malicious software and techniques used in the attacks, along with advice on thwarting the hackers. It asked businesses to contact the FBI if they believed they were victims.

Cylance Chief Executive Stuart McClure said the FBI warning suggested that the Iranian hacking campaign may have been larger than its own research revealed. "It underscores Iran's determination and fixation on large-scale compromise of critical infrastructure," he said.

The FBI's technical document said the hackers typically launch their attacks from two IP addresses that are in Iran, but did not attribute the attacks to the Tehran government. Cylance has said it believes Iran's government is behind the campaign, a claim Iran has vehemently denied.

An FBI official did not provide further details, but said the agency routinely provides private industry with advisories to help it fend off cyber threats.

The Pentagon and National Security Agency had no immediate comment.
Over the weekend Rush Limbaugh said on the radio said that he just interviewed Thomas Sowell (age 80+) for his Limbaugh Letter, and that Mr. Sowell's biggest fear is that Iran is getting their nuke, that they will attack the U.S. first (not Israel), and that Obama/Clinton/et al will SURRENDER. Yikes (Hat Tip:: Sunlight).

And there's a basis for that fear.

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Pass the popcorn: Al-Qaeda terrorists discuss their fear of the TSA

Here's a group of al-Qaeda terrorists discussing their fear of the TSA catching them at every turn.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl).


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The ever-'proper' New York Times makes a whopper of a correction

Kosher food expert Gil Marks z"l passed away this week as a result of lung cancer (no, he was not a smoker). The New York Times had an obituary here. Read the whole thing to find the 'correction' the Times made to its article (HatTip: Mrs. Carl).

Of course.


Must-see video: Caroline Glick destroys Europe's anti-Semitic double standards

Danish Ambassador to Israel Jesper Vahr tries to justify Europe's discriminatory treatment of Israel, and Caroline Glick rips him some new cavities.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Sunlight).


I'd love to see Caroline in the Knesset, but I understand that she's not going to put up with the corruption it usually takes (fighting or joining) to get there in the current party system.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Obama vetted Lapid as future Prime Minister of Israel

Is the Obama administration trying to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu? Almost definitely, yes. Is it trying to replace him with Yair Lapid? Well, maybe. Here's Aaron Klein.
Let’s look at the clues. Netanyahu’s decision last week to disband his coalition came when he dismissed his finance minister, Yair Lapid, and his justice minister, Tzipi Livni, both of whom have not disguised their ambitions for the country’s highest office. Tellingly, both took advantage of the steady stream of US criticism toward Netanyahu by leading an escalating public campaign in which they repeatedly accused Netanyahu of causing this dangerous rift in relations with Israel’s most important ally.
Case in point.  In October, Israel’s Ynet news website reported that a request by Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon to meet with US Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice during his visit to Washington had been denied by the White House. This reported move is highly unusual, and was a nearly unprecedented snub of Netanyahu’s government. It helped to set off a firestorm against Netanyahu in Israel, particularly among the center and the left, with Livni and Lapid leading the charge.
Also in October, in what can only be viewed as an orchestrated campaign, the US espoused uncharacteristically harsh language to oppose a plan for Israel to build 2,610 new homes on empty lots in Givat Hamatos, a Jerusalem neighborhood in the eastern section of the city where Palestinians want to build a future state.
Immediately following a meeting between Netanyahu and President Obama in October, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki and White House spokesman Josh Earnest took the Israeli leader’s delegation by surprise when they released nearly identical statements slamming the Jerusalem construction. They warned the housing plans could distance Israel from its “closest allies,” a clear euphemism for the US, and questioned whether Netanyahu was interested in peace. Netanyahu for his part said at the time that he was “baffled” by the US criticism, stating the American position “doesn’t really reflect American values.”
As if on queue, Lapid and Livni raced to endorse the US condemnation and accuse Netanyahu once again of damaging US-Israeli relations.  That month, Lapid took further issue with Netanyahu’s plan to build roughly 400 homes in Har Homa and about 600 in Ramat Shlomo. “This plan will lead to a serious crisis in Israel-US relations and will harm Israel’s standing in the world,” Lapid said.
In another seemingly orchestrated development, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg in October described relations between the US and Israel as a “full-blown crisis” and reported that senior Obama administration officials had called Netanyahu “chickenshit” on matters related to the so-called peace process.  Goldberg gratuitously added that Bibi is a “coward” on the issue of Iran’s nuclear threat.


Adding more fuel to the anti-Bibi firestorm, Ha'aretz reported last week the Obama administration had held a classified discussion a few weeks earlier about possibly taking more proactive measures against the “settlements,” including mulling sanctions or punishing Israel at the United Nations. While the State Department dismissed the claims as "unfounded and completely without merit," the Ha'aretz article is already providing more fodder to target Bibi.
Here’s the kicker. In March, an informed diplomatic source in Jerusalem told me that representatives of the Obama administration held meetings with Lapid to check him out politically and to discuss the kind of prime minister he would make if he won elections in the future. The diplomatic source said the Obama administration identified Lapid as a moderate who would support Israeli-Palestinian talks. While the alleged meeting might have been as innocent as getting to know the powerful finance minister, the claim does fuel the perception of Obama administration tentacles working surreptitiously to change the political order in the Jewish state.

Read the whole thing. Shabbat Shalom.

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How we could end up with a Leftist government

The polls show that the public wants a Right wing government, albeit not necessarily one led by Binyamin Netanyahu.

The polls also show that the public may not get what it wants from the upcoming elections. Here is why:
The latest poll, carried out by Midgam for Channel 2, indicates that a Labor ticket, after the merger with Hatnua, would receive 24 Knesset seats.

Likud would receive 23 seats; Jewish Home 15; Yisrael Beytenu 8; Shas 9 and United Torah Judaism (UTJ) 8. This means that the traditional right wing-religious bloc would have a slim majority of 63 seats, or two more than it currently enjoys.
Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu party would receive 9 seats, and Meretz would have 5. The Arab parties would split 11 seats between them.
But that majority may be illusory because the Haredi parties have already said that they will go in with Labor rather than sit in a coalition with Jewish Home
Asked whom they would like to see as the next prime minister, 36% said Binyamin Netanyahu, while 33% said they preferred a rotation between Tzipi Livni and Yitzchak Herzog.
Midgam is considered to be leftward leaning.
The last politician I can recall falling as far and as fast as Netanyahu was George HW Bush after the first Gulf War.

Here's another poll which is quite different
Likud would win 25 mandates if elections were held today, according to the survey published by the Geocartography Institute. By contrast, the Labor-Hatnua pact would win just 18 seats - a far cry from the major wins predicted in other polls, and four seats less than a previous poll held by the institute on December 9. 
Interesting, Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu party would become the third strongest party in the Knesset, with 12 seats, up from ten in the December 9 survey. 
Jewish Home would gain fourth place with 11 seats, signifying a drop from its current 12; United Torah Judiasm would also gain 11 seats, up from ten; Shas, despite internal conflict between MKs Aryeh Deri and Eli Yishai, would win ten seats, up from six. 
Below that, Avigdor Liberman's Yisrael Beytenu is projected to gain nine seats in thee 20th Knesset, up from eight - whereas Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid fell to eight seats in the Knesset from its current 19. 
The poll, as reported by Walla!, did not list results for several of Israel's smaller political parties, including Meretz, the Arab parties (United Arab List and Balad), Hadash, Kadima, and Otzma Yehudit.
The Geocartography Institute poll stands in stark contrast to other surveys in the Israeli press recently, including a Panels Politics poll for Maariv which gives Labor the win at 24 mandates against Likud's 20.
That poll indicated, however, that the majority of Israelis would nonetheless prefer a right-wing government with a coalition including the hareidi parties.
Huh? I saw polls that said that a huge number of Israelis did not want the Haredi parties in the government (not that it really matters, in case you hadn't figured that out).


By the way, keep in mind that the pollsters here tend to be very biased.

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What the media is not telling you about the Har Nof massacre

The media has hidden from us many gruesome facts about the Har Nof massacre and about many other terror attacks. Why? Because if Israeli knew the truth about 'Palestinian' terror there would be no 'peace process.' Because if the West knew the truth about 'Palestinian' terror, much of the pressure on Israel to conduct a peace process would eviscerate.

Please watch the video below. If you don't have time for the entire video, please start around the 10:30 mark. I will have more after the video.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).

There is no making peace with this type of barbarism. It's time to tell the truth.