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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pentagon official calls for Pollard release

Aaron Lerner translates a letter received by IDF Radio from former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence J. Korb, which calls for Jonathan Pollard's release.
IDF Radio received the letter sent by the former assistant secretary of Defense Secretary, Dr. Lawrence J. Korb to President Obama two weeks ago
about Jonathan Pollard. Korb wrote that the sentence Pollard was serving was far more serious than he deserves, in relation to those crimes committed.

"Based on the knowledge that I have first hand, I can confidently say that the punishment was so severe because of lack of sympathy for Israel by the U.S. Secretary of Defense at the time, my boss, Caspar Weinberger," the letter stated.

According to Korb, Weinberg made great efforts to convince the judge to punish Pollard severely. "Although Pollard pleaded guilty, cooperated with the government and asked for clemency - he received disproportionate punishment," wrote Korb. "In the end Weinberg himself did not put the Pollard story in his biography. Weinberger said that the reason for this is because the affair had been exaggerated beyond minor importance - that is, he finally understood and admitted that the story had been blown beyond proportions. "

Korb emphasized that the average penalty for the offense Pollard committed is two to four years, and even today when the law changed - the average sentence is 10 years. "So if he was sentenced today he could not sit 25 years in prison. Justice will be done if the sentence is shortened to what has already been run to date," Korb's letter concluded.
We all knew Weinberger was an anti-Semite. But will anyone listen to Korb? Don't hold your breath. Since Prime Minister Netanyahu's well-intentioned effort to spring Pollard in exchange for the Wye agreement in 1998, I'm afraid that Pollard has become a hostage to the 'peace process.'


At 5:04 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians reject anything less than an Israeli capitulation. Springing Pollard won't change it and there is no longer any point in rewarding them with a freeze.


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