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Monday, February 28, 2011

LSE worries about 'donations from American alumni'

Tongue firmly implanted in cheek, Melanie Phillips takes on the London School of Economics, which is now in a panic over its ties to Libya.
The university has already been urged by its own dons to give up the £300,000 it received from a foundation headed by the son of Colonel Gaddafi. Howard Davies, the LSE director, is said to have told academics this week that he was ashamed of the institution’s links to the dictatorship.

Questions have been emerging about the LSE’s wider reliance on finance from authoritarian regimes. One of its lecture halls has been named in honour of a sheikh reputed to have promoted anti-Semitic material.

An academic source said the university has become nervous about being seen as anti-Israel because of a threat to donations from American alumni.
Gee, which 'American alumni' might those be?

Read the whole thing.

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