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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shocka: UN diplomats say their countries are being intimidated to support 'Palestinian statehood'

On Monday night, July 28, 1980, I took a train from Rome to Zurich. In those days, you could not travel on one train from Rome to Zurich. In the early hours of Tuesday, July 29, 1980, I changed trains in Bologna. I was a lucky man.

The following Saturday, August 2, terrorists blew up the train station in Bologna (see picture above). 85 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. At the time, the attack was attributed to Italian neo-fascists. But in 2008, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga alleged that PLO-affiliated terrorists from George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were responsible for the bombing. The PFLP has denied responsibility.

The reason that 'Palestinians' were not suspected at the time was that the Italians supposedly had a deal with the 'Palestinians' that allowed them to use Italy as a staging area so long as they did not carry out terror attacks on Italian soil.

A lot of countries remember that incident, and are afraid that should they vote against the 'Palestinian declaration of statehood,' they too will be targets for Arab and Islamic terrorism.
Sources said some countries will support the Palestinians not because they believe in their cause, but because Muslim and Arab countries may take punitive measures against them when they will need support in the Security Council or in bids to be appointed to important UN bodies.

A senior Western diplomat told Haaretz that the Nonaligned Bloc's votes were of particular importance. "It is the largest regional bloc," he said, "and is greatly sympathetic to the Palestinian matter."

Diplomats have pointed to Australia as an example of this intimidation. Australia is already pushing its nomination for a seat on the UN Security Council next year, and is expected to weigh its steps carefully so as not anger the Muslim and Arab nations and the Nonaligned Bloc. Canada, on the other hand, has failed in promoting its nomination for a seat, not least because of its support for Israel.

The Palestinian bid is not very popular among diplomats, who say it is "a nuisance we would like to have behind us."

Ambassadors in New York agree with Israel's position that the Palestinian bid is a wrong move that may bring unwanted results. Yet they say Israel is to blame as it has failed to present any political initiatives, leading to a lengthy political deadlock.
Aren't you glad there's a UN where every country has one vote?

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At 2:57 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Wow. OK. Stories of close calls... 1979 American Flt 191 DC-10 crash on take-off at O'Hare. It was a Friday afternoon flight to LA. I was on the same Flt 191 exactly one Friday before. I've always wondered whether it was the same actual DC-10 plane. Massive fail.

I was in my first job out of college and was working on a project that took me to Chicago to work with the Univ. of Chicago several times. It is the only way I know anything about south Chicago (Lincoln Park) and the liberal oppression that has kept Chicago roiled up and sinking more and more over the decades. President George Bush said it right: the bigotry of low expectations. Except he seems to have let them run wild with his no child left behind... the liberals push downward on the unfair progress of high achievers to reduce the "achievement gap". Horrible results for America.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Here's a wild DC-10 photo from the Chicago crash:

American DC-10 Crashes at O'Hare Killing 273


At 4:55 PM, Blogger Chayma said...

This statement

But in 2008, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga alleged that PLO-affiliated terrorists from George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were responsible for the bombing.

and this

A lot of countries remember that incident, and are afraid that should they vote against the 'Palestinian declaration of statehood,' they too will be targets for Arab and Islamic terrorism.

contradict each other. George Habash was a Christian.

You forget much of the Christian world are sympathetic to the Palestinians. In press coverage, you must have seen references by European females sometimes referring to Hezbolloh fighters as "dashing" and "sexy". Thats not to mention the flags that they carry in marches "We are all Hezbollah now" when they hold rallies against Israel.

We see it in some of those who have attached themselves to recent anti-war campaigns, with Britons marching through the streets of London declaring "We are all Hezbollah now" even though Hezbollah is a fascist organisation

"We are all Hezbollah."
"We are all Gazan."
The yellow of the Lebanese terrorist organisation's flag is unmistakable. For a moment, I am confused: Where am I? The Lebanese border? Near Gaza? No - there's the familiar bright red double-decker bus, the crowd streaming past Piccadilly Circus. I really am in London - and I'm in shock.

In the meantime, get your facts straight. Hezbollah enjoy support of the Lebanese Christians. Suha Arafat who spread the blook libel in front of Hilary Clinton is a Christian.

This business of blaming Islam for all your problems will cost you dearly. Do you want Israel blown off the map for good? NATO will eventually do that, if it comes to a war with Islam. .. You've already lost, so do away with your wet dreams and fantasies of destroying Islam.

Terrorism's Christian Godfather
By Scott MacLeod/Cairo

George Habash attacks a U.S.-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian peace plan during a speech in Beirut, March 11, 1979

You could call George Habash, a Palestinian leader who died in Amman on Saturday at the age of 82, the godfather of Middle East terrorism. If you assumed that Palestinian or Arab extremism somehow sprung entirely from Islam — from the puritanical Wahabbi intolerance and so forth — take a close look at Habash's first name. He was a Greek Orthodox Christian, who sang in his church choir as a boy back in the Palestinian town of Lydda. Habash's life tells us a lot about the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which seems as intractable as ever, and prompts reflection on the Middle East's seemingly unstoppable whirlwind of violence.

Habash's group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pioneered the hijacking of airplanes as a Middle East terror tactic — one eventually employed by the al-Qaeda hijackers on 9/11 — way back in 1968 when three PFLP armed operatives commandeered an Israeli El Al airliner enroute from Rome to Tel Aviv. Checking in for a flight has never been the same since.

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Hutzpan said...

to Chayma

George Habash was a Christian, but he also was an Arab, and Carl said "they too will be targets for Arab and Islamic terrorism"

So there is NO CONTRADICTION WHATSOEVER in what Carl wrote.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Chayma said...


Of course there is a contradiction,

Christianity predates Islam. Habash is said to be of Greek origins, so it’s debateable whether he is even Arab. Sami Kuntar is a Druze.

Why does terrorism comitted by a Christian not get the label “christian terrorism”? Oh I’ll tell you why, it’s because the likes of Carl who panders to his Christian Zionist supporters (though they only see him as fodder for the Armeggedon and dead soul who needs JESUS to save him ) likes to pretend it is an exclusively Islamic phenomen. Never Jewish terrorism as in Baruch Goldstein or Yigal Amir, or the Irgun, or the other groups, never Druze terrorism as in Sami Kuntar,

The biggest terrorists on the planet are the US army (mainly Christian). Their military has killed more innocents than all the Islamic “terrorists” put together. It’s hypocritical of Carl not to mention that, but he doesn't because he is part and parcel of this evil. The truth is ugly but it’s a fact.

These are just desperate attempts to shout “Islamic terrorism” whilst ignoring the bigger evil.

The neo con led failed wars fail because evil fails and falls.

Bin Laden won his war. 10 years on the USA is bankrupt.

I bet none of you neocons saw that coming 10 years ago? But Bin Laden did.

On a separate note, if the USA ever went to war with Israel, how many Israeli's would be comitting "terrorist" acts against the occupying Americans?

Don't think that scenario is unlikely or won't happen.


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