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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

War games coming to... Tel Aviv

Security forces will be conducting war games in Tel Aviv next month in preparation for possible attacks on Israel by Hamas, Hezbullah, Syria, Iran and others.
The "Hit to the Heart" drill will be held on March 14 in the form of a war game held by senior officials and simulating rocket attacks launched without prior warning.

The exercise will involve the National Emergency Authority, IDF Home Front Command, the national information headquarters, Israel Police, Magen David Adom emergency services, the Ministry of Public Security and the Education Ministry.


According to the scenario to be simulated, immediately after an anti-rocket siren throughout central Israel the Home Front Command’s hotline will receive tens of thousands of calls from residents wondering why the siren sounded and seeking further instructions.

In the framework of the drill, two minutes after the siren will sound, two rockets will be landing in the center of the country – one in Ramat Gan’s Ayalon Mall and the other in southern Tel Aviv.

As the war game is aimed for senior commanders, no actual siren will be activated and the public will not be asked to take part in the exercise.

At this time, Hamas is believed to possess Fajr-5 rockets that are capable of reaching central Israel. The IDF’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system is meant to provide protection against such incoming missiles.
What could go wrong?

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