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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And again: 'Palestinian' terrorist murders Israeli

An Israeli father of five was murdered on Tuesday morning at the Tapuach Junction in Northern Samaria by a 'Palestinian' terrorist.
An Israeli was killed in a terror attack at the Tapuah junction in the northern West Bank on Tuesday morning, when he was attacked by a Palestinian man at a hitchhiking spot at the junction.
The Palestinian terrorist came up from behind the victim, identified as Evyatar Borovsky, and then stabbed him in the chest, Judea and Samaria Division Capt. Barak Raz told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
Security forces are now seeking to verify whether the suspect acted alone or was part of a larger terrorist organization. Initial indications are that he acted alone.
Raz said army medical teams attempted to save Borovsky's life on the scene, but were unsuccessful.
"We're investigating whether the terrorist discharged bullets from the weapon he stole before or after security forces opened fire," Raz added.


The Border Police said minutes after the attack that a terrorist armed with a knife attacked a settler at a hitching post, stole the man's gun and fired at Border Patrol officers who were nearby. The officers returned fire and wounded the man, and then took him into custody, the Border Police said.


Avraham Benyamin, spokesman for Yitzhar, said Borovsky was a native of Kfar Hasidim who had been living in Yitzhar with his wife and five chldren for five years.
Benyamin said Borovsky had been a theater actor in a number of performance troupes and served on Yitzhar's security team.
In a response to the murder, Benyamin said on behalf of the settlement "the writing was on the wall, written in blood. This murder was a direct refusal of the government's leniency towards rock-throwing terrorism and the continued increase in terror attacks against Jews across Judea and Samaria."
He added that the settlement demands a "painful and serious response to erase the shame of this incident and in order to show the residents that their lives are not worthless."
Don't hold your breath.

Israel Hayom adds:
A preliminary investigation of the incident suggested that the terrorist, a resident of Tulkarem, arrived at the junction armed with a knife. He stabbed the victim, who was waiting at a hitchhiking stop, several times in the chest, and grabbed his handgun. He then opened fire at a nearby Border Police patrol and subsequently tried to flee, but the police officers returned fire and subdued him. According to a Border Police spokesman, the perpetrator had run into a roadblock, preventing him from causing more damage with the stolen gun. 

According to media reports, the terrorist had been released from an Israeli prison, where he served a three-year sentence for throwing rocks, less than six months ago. The terrorist's brother, who is currently jailed in the Palestinian Authority, faced trial on Sunday for allegedly cooperating with Israel. Speculation has been raised that the terrorist may have committed the attack in order to restore his family's honor.
Later Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces troops raided the home of the perpetrator, named as Salam Za'al, Israeli media reported. 
Borovsky was the youngest of four brothers, and has been living in the settlement of Yitzhar for five years. He worked as an actor in several ensembles and was a part of the Yitzhar security team. His eldest son is seven years old.
 Here we go again? I hope not.

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At 2:19 AM, Blogger Inmemoryof Yossi said...

The Washington Post is the ONLY msm that is carrying this story. No one has picked up the one from Arutz Sheva about the funeral. Guess it isn't worthwhile to show a picture of a little child crying over his dead father's body.

We all know that had it been an arab killed by a Jew, it would be on the front of every single news site.

My best friend told me about this. The man was her son-in-law's chavrusah.



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