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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gazans fire rockets on Lag BaOmer celebration, IDF hits back

'Palestinian' terrorists fired rockets on a children's Lag BaOmer celebration in Sderot on Saturday night, and the IDF responded overnight, hitting two targets, one of which was a weapons storage facility.
Israel Air Force craft struck two sites in the southern part of the Strip, the Israel Defense Force Spokesman said in a statement.
The two sites were a weapon storage facility and a "terror facility," the IDF spokesman's statement said.
The IDF confirmed a direct hit on the target, and reported that all IAF craft returned safely.
The IDF spokesman said in the statement that Israel will not tolerate attempts to harm its citizens or IDF soldiers, and that it has no intention of letting the situation return to what it was before Operation Pillar of Defense in November last year.
"The IDF takes very seriously any attempt to fire towards Israeli territory," the statement said, adding that the IDF holds Hamas responsible for rocket attacks
On Saturday night, the eve of Lag Ba'omer, alarms went off across Sdot Negev and Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Councils, and a rocket launched out of the Gaza Strip landed in an open area. No injuries were reported.
JPost adds:
Kids celebrating Lag Ba'omer with bonfires in the area were instructed to return home after the Code Red rocket warning siren was sounded.
Anyone else tired of the 'Palestinian' terrorists targeting our children?

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