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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gee, ya think? Boston 'misunderstanders of Islam' may not have acted alone

Key Washington lawmakers suspect that the 'misunderstanders of Islam' who murdered four people and wounded nearly 200 at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15 may not have acted alone. Gee, ya think?
``There are still persons of interest in the United States that the FBI would like to have conversations with,’’ said Representative Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, speaking on ABC’s ``This Week.’’
Many questions remain about suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s 2012 six-month visit to the Russian state of Dagestan, and whether he received some sort of training from Islamist radicals while there, Rogers added.
``There was outside affirmation of their intent to commit an act of jihad,’’ he said.
``The Russians need to step up to the plate here and provide us with information,’’ Rogers said. ``I think they have information that is would be helpful and they haven’t provided.’’
The last time I checked, the Russians aren't responsible for the security of Americans. The Obama administration is responsible. As it happens, the Russians did provide timely information warning about the Tsarnaev's in 2011, but the Obama administration - and specifically its politically correct FBI - chose to ignore it. Perhaps if the Russians had seen that the information they provided was taken seriously, they would have provided more.

I really like Mike Rogers, but I think he's dead wrong on this. No one is responsible for the security of the Untied States other than the government of the United States - just like every other country in the world. Woe to the American people the day that their government puts their security in the hands of the Russians.
Another Republican, Homeland Security Committee chairman Mike McCaul of Texas, said some officials in the Obama administration have suggested prematurely that the brothers acted alone.
He cited the type of device used in the attack — shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker bombs. Although instructions on how to build such bombs can be found on the Internet, he said they also indicated a level of sophistication and training.
“There could be a wider conspiracy,” said McCaul, on “Fox News Sunday.” “What I found astounding is that right out of the box, U.S. officials anonymously are saying there’s no foreign connection to this case, when in fact, the FBI just began their investigation in this case.”
Yes, but that's what the Obama administration does every time a Muslim commits an act of terror, and that's why after four and half years that Hussein Obama and his cadre of Islamophiles came to power, Americans' security is more precarious than it has been at any time at least since 9/11.
McCaul also said he thinks the suspects’ mother played ‘‘a very strong role’’ in her sons’ radicalization process and that if she were to return to the United States from Russia, she’d be held for questioning.
And that's probably why she said over the weekend that she's not coming. By the way, her husband has now said that he's not coming either.  Anyone surprised?
Speaking on CNN’s ``State of the Union,’’ Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz asserted that the United States needs to heighten its scrutiny of immigrants as they travel.
“People that are coming here and claiming asylum, and then taking trips back to the region, that should probably raise some red flags,” he said.
The United States needs to heighten its scrutiny of immigrants period. It also needs to heighten its scrutiny of anyone who arrives in the US from a Muslim country instead of making 'our friends the Saudis' trusted travelers
Representative Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from Illinois and member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the FBI had information that both Tamerlan and his mother were becoming radicalized. The Associated Press reported Saturday that the Russians had intercepted communications included discussion of jihad.
``The FBI thought it had more to do with internal Russian politics, and not a threat to the United States of America,’’ Schakowsky said.
'Internal Russian politics'? Really? Why would she have told them to go to 'Palestine'? If they had moved to the US, why would 'internal Russian politics' matter anymore?

What could go wrong?

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