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Monday, April 29, 2013

Netanyahu orders Feiglin off Temple Mount after Waqf threat

Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered fellow Likud MK Moshe Feiglin not to ascend the Temple Mount on Monday, after the Muslim Waqf which controls the Mount threatened World War III if Feiglin shows up.
For the past ten years, MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Beitenu) has been visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the 19th of the Hebrew month, every month. But on Sunday, April 28, 2013, Feiglin received a phone call from Deputy Commander Moshe Barkat, Chief of the Israeli Police David Precinct, which includes the Old City of Jerusalem.
He informed me that, on direct order from the prime minister, I would not be permitted to enter the Mount tomorrow,” MK Feiglin wrote in his Facebook page.
A source close to Feiglin told The Jewish Press that the deputy commander told the MK that the Waqf, the Jordanian charity organization which runs the Temple Mount, warned the Prime Minister’s office that should Feiglin go up on the Mount on Monday, it would “start World War Three.”
No one wants that. Except that the same Waqf has been cautioning about new world wars frequently, and is often involved in organizing, rather than trying to prevent them.


“The only legal way to prevent me from going up to the Temple Mount tomorrow (without changing existing law),” says MK Feiglin, “is if, in the opinion of the officer in charge of the place there exists an immediate, clear and present danger.”
But, having given him the warning a full day in advance, Feiglin argues, security forces should have ample time—had the prime minister only told them so—to organize and prevent dangerous gathering and violence.
According to MK Feiglin, the Prime Minister’s decision “confirms what I was told by the police command when I asked to tour the Dome of the Rock, that the Temple Mount is under Muslim sovereignty.”
And what is Feiglin going to do?
The source close to Feiglin says the MK will obey Netanyahu’s directive, but that as of tomorrow Feiglin would no longer be voting the Likud-Beitenu party line.

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At 3:12 AM, Blogger HaDaR said...

Birds of a feather fly together.
These two, actually, need each other.

At 8:06 AM, Blogger debby said...

Bibi is submitting to the will of ALLAH, he needs help, or should be replaced. He is endangering this country and all Jews everywhere with his capitulations and submissive polices of giving up


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