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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Report: Netanyahu and Yaalon oppose limit on yeshiva student exemption

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yaalon oppose limiting the number of yeshiva draft exemptions to 1,800 per year as demanded by the Yesh Atid party.
The Perry Committee appointed by the government to regulate and establish legislation of IDF draft for Yeshiva students was surprised to discover that PM Netanyahu and DM Ya'alon have reneged on their initial acceptance of the Yesh Atid demand to exempt only 1,800 prodigal scholars and draft the rest. Now, they demand that no exemption limit for talented students be set, and many more must be allowed to apply for such qualification.
Could Netanyahu be worried about preserving future coalition possibilities for the Likud with the Haredim? Could he be afraid that his current coalition is already likely to come apart?


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At 5:44 PM, Blogger Eliana said...

Netanyahu and Ya'alon may have been looking at the long list of attacks on the Haredim that Lapid has planned and decided to start nipping them in the bud. (A new one that came out this week is the plan to deny daycare help to Haredi women if their husbands don't work. It would drive Haredi mothers out of the work force while Haredi benefits are being cut across the board.)

Many of the things that Lapid wants to do to the Haredim would be illegal if done to Israeli Arabs.

Lapid himself would like to see "peace" with the "Palestinians" who have celebrated their murders of Jews every day of their lives - but, at the same time, Lapid has NO sense of compassion for Haredi Jews who have not been killing Jews or celebrating it as a religious/political tactic.

It's always easier to fight against Jews politically than to fight against anyone else. Lapid is trying to go for what he believes will be the easy victories against the Haredim.

I hope Netanyahu and Ya'alon are telling him that it's time to stop stepping on the Haredim to harm them in his bid to advance his personal ambitions.

We need to give Netanyahu and Ya'alon credit where credit is due in this. Lapid and his party should NOT be waging their financial "war" on the backs of the Haredim whom they have now openly (by accident) admitted seeing as "parasites."


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