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Sunday, September 08, 2013

'Palestinians' decide they prefer living in filth

The 'Palestinians' have decided that they would rather live in filth than use a sewage treatment plant that is paid for and owned by Israel in 'east' Jerusalem. Or at least the 'Palestinian Authority' has so decided. Under pressure from the 'Palestinians' and their own government, the Dutch engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV has withdrawn from the project.
“Royal HaskoningDHV has today advised the client it has decided to terminate the contract for the Kidron waste water treatment plant project,” the firm announced on its Web site. “The project is in the early stages of the preliminary design phase.”
Royal HaskoningDHV carries out its work with the highest regard for integrity and in compliance with international laws and regulations,” the company said. “In the course of the project, and after due consultation with various stakeholders, the company came to understand that future involvement in the project could be in violation of international law.”
“This has led to the decision of Royal HaskoningDHV to terminate its involvement in the project.”
The move was applauded by the Palestinian Authority. Hanan Ashrawi, an executive committee member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, hailed the Dutch firm’s decision. According to Ashrawi, the Dutch government had pressured the company to withdraw from the project.
I hope they get Typhoid fever. Of course, if they did, we would probably help them to control it. 

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